• Work Trucks

    Work Trucks

    Bucket Trucks, Aerial Work Platforms, ePTO Conversions, APU Equipped Pickups, Material Handlers, Construction Vehicles, Earthmoving Equipment

  • Energy Storage & Power Generation

    Energy Storage & Power Generation

    MicroGrid, UPS, APU, Renewable, Peak Shaving, T&D Deferral, Battery Management Systems, Fuel Cells, Pb-Acid, Li-ion, Ni-Cad, Ni-MH, Flow Batteries

  • Aviation Battery Connectors

    Aviation Battery Connectors

    Rebing is proud to provide battery connectors, switches, and other electrical components to those in the aviation industry. We supply battery connectors for commercial airlines, cargo planes, transport planes, private planes, UAVs, RPAs, APUs, and more. We also manufacture military battery terminal connectors for our Armed Forces. Rebling battery connectors feature the latest technology and most sophisticated design, and every aviation connector we make is built to our very strict manufacturing standards. Learn more about our battery connectors and other electrical components for the aviation industry below.

  • Rail


    Locomotives, Steel Wheels Systems, City Transports, APMs

  • Emergency Vehicles

    Emergency Vehicles

    Zero Idle Vehicles, Bucket Trucks, ePTO, APU Conversions, Ambulances, First Responder Vehicles

  • Marine


    eFerries ∙ Work Boats ∙ Military Naval Weapons Systems ∙ Turbine Generator Load Balancing ∙ eYachts

  • Mining / Drilling / Oil

    Mining / Drilling / Oil

    Oilfield Work Trucks, Proppant Silos, Worker Transports, Underground Mining Bulk Haulers, ePTO Conversions

  • Military Vehicles & Equipment

    Military Vehicles & Equipment

    eFerries, Work Boats, Military Naval Weapons Systems, Turbine Generator Load Balancing, eYachts

  • Agricultural Vehicles

    Agricultural Vehicles

    Tractor, Telehandler, Combine, Picker

  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

    Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

    ePTO Conversions, High Performance EVs, Buses, Class 8 Trucks

  • Trucks & Utility Vehicles

    Trucks & Utility Vehicles

    Class 2 through 8 Trucks, Solar Hotel Function Systems, ePTO Conversions, APU Conversions, Off-Road and Specialty Vehicles

  • Boat & Port Operations

    Boat & Port Operations

    Gantry Cranes, Container Lift Trucks, Telehandlers, Bulk, Liquid and Cargo Handling Equipment

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